Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A scholar sat next to a General on a flight. The general asked the scholar what is his ocupation.Scholar: I'm into big business.

General: But what business exactly?

Scholar: I deal with ALLAH.

General: Ah. So you're a Muslim religious leader. I have one problem with you Muslims. You oppress your women.

Scholar: How do we oppress our women?

General: You make your women cover up completely and you keep them in your homes.

Scholar: Ah, I have a problem with you people. You oppress Money.

General: WHAT! How can we oppress money?

Scholar: You keep your money hidden away, in wallets banks and safes. You keep it covered up. Why don't you display it in public if it's a beautiful thing?

General: It will get stolen obviously.

Scholar: You keep your money hidden because it is so valuable. We value the true worth of women far, far more. Therefore, these precious jewels are not for display to one and all. They are kept in honour and dignity.

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